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1) You must post these rules (VERY IMPORTANT)
2) Each person that was tagged by me must post 10 things about themselves on their journal.
3) Answer the tagger set for you in their post, and create 10 new questions for the people you tagged to answer.
4) You have to choose 5 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5) Go to their pages and tell them you have tagged her/him.
7) Nothing in the taggings ection about "you are tagged if you are reading this". You legitimately have to tag 5 people.

10 Things about Yuki :

1. Yuki never show her sad emotions in public OuO She have an epic smiling poker face in front of people .She can smiles whenever her hearts is crying xD
2. Sometimes, she wishes can crying anywhen she want
3. In a love relationship, Yuki is very easily jealous. Ahaha xD Yeah. VERY easily.but like usual,she never show it.or deny it
4. Some people said Yuki is retarded,crazy,and have a high confidence. But the real Yuki is super quiet,loves to being a hikokomori by locked herself in her room,reading a thick novel for hours. And she's known as a silent person around the community that she doesn't really like.
5. Yuki is an art and bookworm person. She would die without it, and thinks art is the reason why this life wonderful,interesting and colorful. She thinks books is the most interesting things. I mean.books have everyhing. imagination, science, fact, dreams and hope C:
6. She HATES number so much xD and VERY bad with it ._.
7. She have fake Japan name. Aikaze Yuki that written by Ai "Love", Kaze "Wind", and Yuki "Snow".
8. Her IQ is 140. And high in art-psychology things. She only got 10/100 for numbers and mechanical thingies :// OTL
9. Sometimes, Yuki is dreaming to be a rich, traveling around the world and shopping anything she wants :D
10. Yuki is very greedy and love to eats. Thats why she's gaining lots weight OTL

Wow. I started to talking in 3 person like :iconyume-in-wonderland:

[Yume's] Questions...

1. What would you do if you somehow knew that the world will end in two hours?
Um.I will eat anything i want, hugging everyone i love,say "i love you and i'm sorry" to everyone she knows, And maybe enjoy her last time with everyone she loves :D

2. What three words best describe you? (could be a color, adjective or anything. )
Bright. Crazy. Talkactive

3. If one day you could choose to switch roles with ANY person, who would it be?
Someone from anime xD or Someone pretty,rich,smart and kind C:

4. Who do u want to bring (back) to life? (can be any historical figure/character)
QAQ;; my grandma maybe?xD i never met her. sometimes i curious like what your life for having BOTH of your grandma spoiled you o3o

5. What is the greatest problem society faces today? o_o
Public pressures. People gone crazy because public thinks someone handsome or pretty if they're skinny.tall.white.big eyes.and doll like C: that kind of public pressures caused lots people lost their self respect (include me) respect yourself. Everyone is perfect. God doesn't create a failure creations.

6. If one day u pick up a magic lamp and a genie appears (wth xD) , he can grant you one single wish, what would you wish for? (wishing for more wishes is not allowed)
Being rich. not mean to be money-maniac or thinking money is everything. Yeah, money can't buy hapiness.but at least it can buy everything related with it. At least i wanna go to college , could buy everything i want xD and make my mom happy.

7. What is art, to you?
Art. Something really random. The reason why this world beautiful,brilliant,interesting,colorful,epic,awesome,beauty,scary,strong,absolute.

8. What is most important to you and why?
Myself. C: i mean. Self respect,then you can respect youreself. Love yourself,then you can love yourself. Right? I will living for myself.and also other people  like family and friends too C: they're wonderful and the reason why i still live until now.

9. Teleportation or time travel?
Time Travel. There's something that i want to fixed at my past

10. ...Do you believe in magic?
No @_@ yeah.i dont beleive in magic. but  i have high imagination =_= a weird brain eh?

[ Yuki's ] Questions :
1. What's the reason you want to live until now?
2. There's one thing that you could vanished from this world. What's that? Why?
3. Music or Art?
4. If you could transform into your favourite singer.. Who?
5. Based by your mind, How to delete bullying from this earth? C:
6. If your lover dying because of protect you,what you would do?
7. Imagine heaven. Like what is it?
8. If you could do time travel.. Which year did you want?Why?
9. Do you beleive in god?
10. Who's the most inspiring person did you know?

I tag..



Jasmine Karan
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